Natasha Georgakis is an animal-based nutrition coach and a certified personal trainer. She has a private health-coaching practice and gym located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She helps women over 30 explore animal-based diets for weight loss and nutrition-support for chronic symptoms ranging from joint pain to inflammation. In addition to her role as a nutrition coach, Natasha Georgakis is a certified personal trainer, blending nutritional guidance with fitness expertise to provide comprehensive wellness solutions. She is committed to guiding women on a transformative journey towards optimal health through animal-based nutrition and fitness.

As a nutrition coach, Natasha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Her approach goes beyond conventional dietary theory, focusing on the transformative potential of animal-based nutrition to enhance your results and lifestyle. Natasha's commitment to her clients extends beyond the realms of weight loss. Her personalized coaching addresses specific health concerns, offering holistic solutions that contribute to improved vitality and long-term health. Through her engaging and supportive coaching style, Natasha empowers women to make informed choices about their nutrition, fostering a positive relationship with food and achieving lasting results.